Diagnostics Provider of the Year

Preventx is the leading remote diagnostics service in the UK. In 2022, more than one million sexual health self-sampling kits were ordered through Preventx’s services, leading to over 3.7 million individual tests completed by its bespoke laboratory in Sheffield. Preventx has supported hundreds of thousands of service users to access safe, reliable and convenient testing, taking pressure off the NHS and making significant savings to local authority budgets.

The HealthInvestor Awards recognise outstanding achievements, innovation and excellence in the independent healthcare sector. The awards aim to reward organisations that have made a significant contribution to healthcare across the UK. Preventx ticks all boxes, allowing its partners to improve access to services, improving efficiency and outcomes.

Preventx’s application for this award highlighted the exceptional work it is doing to improve public health. It is also helping services to tailor their testing strategies to meet the needs of local and national populations.

For example, Preventx is allowing its partners to develop more accurate ways to test for HIV. By offering individuals from lower risks groups a second test kit, it is reducing the frequency of false positives, which can arise from single tests. This approach saves money by mitigating unnecessary clinic visits. It also reduces the associated anxiety for service users who test positive.

Preventx is also helping its partners deepen understanding of less common infections and diseases. For example, 2022 research from Preventx highlighted that Trichomonas Vaginalis is disproportionately affecting women from racially minoritised communities and more deprived groups. This new understanding is helping services plan testing strategies and has led to more women having access to free testing for the infection. This improves outcomes and reduces onward transmission rates.

Crucially, Preventx is helping more people access testing. A review of historical HIV testing activity among heterosexuals newly diagnosed with HIV via Preventx’s Sexual Health London service, shows that over 30% of users had never tested before. Over 40% of users also reported never previously attending a sexual health clinic. This data highlights Preventx’s ability to help services engage new and hard-to-reach communities.

Ruth Poole, chief executive of Preventx, commented: “We are honoured to have been named diagnostic provider of the year. This award is recognition of our dedication to our partners across the NHS and local authorities, with whom we are tackling key healthcare challenges, making sexual health and diagnostic services widely accessible, safe and reliable for more people across the UK.”

Remote testing is an important, accessible and cost-effective way to carry out testing for a wide variety of infectious diseases. The impact Preventx can achieve for partners is well demonstrated and reflected by its trusted partnerships with the NHS across the UK.

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