Technology Provider of the Year – Social Care

For some years, care providers have been under extreme pressure to deliver high-quality, affordable care. Yet the care home management solutions available to support them only deliver computerised versions of the legacy paper-based processes, mainly leveraging the experience of the individual administering care. They are mostly fragmented solutions, resulting in complex pricing which makes it an expensive proposition both financially and in staff time, and some are also built on archaic infrastructures which are unable to adapt to continuous technology evolution and not user-friendly.

It is against this backdrop that PredicAire was born. The founding team used their own experiences of care as family members, staff and business owners, along with AI knowledge developed in other markets, to bring the best of this technology to the care sector. Beginning their journey in 2020, the founding team bootstrapped the journey, and the result is a unique AI-powered end-to-end solution that is highly efficient, fully comprehensive, affordable, and focuses on providing the best outcomes for all stakeholders in the value chain.

No other platform exists to bring together superior digital care management in an intuitive, easy-to-administer, holistic way to support effective regulatory compliance and maximise care delivery. PredicAire offers a superior user interface and experience for all stakeholders.

PredicAire aims to be recognised as a leader, re-imagining the future of care through responsible technology. Its holistic structure and use of AI make it a disrupter in the social care market which, it is hoped, will challenge existing incumbents to do better. The end result will be better utilisation of data, and therefore better outcomes for everyone.

This aim is already being achieved as, since launching to the wider market in 2022, PredicAire has demonstrated significant improvement in the delivery of care to residents. Access to impactful technology is enabling carers to spend more time with those who need it, while managers are able to evidence the delivery of high-quality care simply, and in a way which will facilitate proactive quality assurance by the regulator, the Care Quality Commission, and support its objective of remote compliance regulation.

PredicAire’s journey is only just beginning, and as more care facilities put their trust in this new technology it is hoped that the advantages of better data utilisation will impact not just social care, but everyone associated with it, from family members to medical professionals. The HealthInvestor Awards judges said of PredicAire: “It is a unique platform that, if scaled, could change the way in which digitally enabled social care is delivered.”

Winning the ‘Technology Provider of the Year– Social Care’ Award is a huge honour, and testament to the innovative, pioneering and purpose-led journey that PredicAire’s founders embarked on three years ago.

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